About Us

We are a Fast, Friendly & Family-owned pharmacy, Our team at Good Health Pharmacy is a Qualified, Experienced, Knowledgeable, and most importantly caring group of Pharmacists waiting to serve you...
We go above and beyond to serve the community. We accept all major insurances including Medicaid, Medicare, and Medicare Part D. We provide Free delivery and pick up. We do blister packing for patient convenience, administer vaccines and injectable medications.
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Our Services

We carry variety of medications for our customers including medication for Diabetes, High blood pressure, Depression and much more. We have notary, copy, scan, fax, email, and print services. We also carry multicultural products and household items. Moreover, we provide Lottery and bill payment services. We accept OTC Network and s3 Solutran cards.

Free Delivery and Pick up

Good Health Pharmacy offers free delivery and pickup prescription services to accommodate your busy schedule.

All major Insurances

We accept all major Insurances including Medicaid, Medicare, Medicare part D, Horizon, Amerigroup, united healthcare, clover, CVS Caremark, express scripts, WellCare, Aetna, OptumRx and more.

Blister packaging

We do blister packs for our customers, which is especially useful for who forgets to take their medication on time. Blister packaging of medication improves patient adherence, which in turn reduces hospital expenses.

OTC Network & S3 Soutran card

We accept OTC Network and S3 solutran card for our customer convenience.

Durable Medical Equipment

Good Health Pharmacy is more than a source of medication. We are still a supplier of pharmaceutical products, as well. Our patients can count on us as the first supplier of medical equipment for them. As well as a full line of durable medical equipment such as compression stockings, orthopaedic supports, braces, nebulizers, pulse oximeters, blood pressure kits, blood glucose monitors, digital & infrared thermometers, and aids for everyday living. Moreover, we sell a range of home healthcare products.

Over the Counter Products

We carry a wide variety of OTC Products such as Cough & cold, Pain, Allergy medicine, first aid products, footcare, Antacids, laxatives, antidiarrheal, feminine products, adult incontinent products, Eye drops, ear drops and so on.


The pharmacists at Good Health Pharmacy will administer a wide variety of CDC-recommended immunization vaccines for children and adults and vaccination when you travel outside the country. The measles, Zostavax, hepatitis B, meningitis and tetanus are examples of the vaccines we administer. Please feel free to ask one of our pharmacists if you need any other vaccines not specified here.

Multicultural and Household products

we have multicultural products like essential oils, Hispanic vitamins, cough, and cold products. We carry a lot of cleaning supplies like bounty, Scott, dish detergents, laundry detergents etc.


We carry a full line of Nature's truth vitamins and Nature's bounty vitamins

Blood pressure screening

Our experienced staff do free blood pressure screening for our valued customers.


We want to make it easier for your prescription refills when you need them. Please call us @ 732-997-3900 for prescription refills or fill out the form below.

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